February in the Garden

The days are warming up now, has been in the 50’s with a couple at 60. First few bees are out, poor things….not much for them yet. It’s such an exciting and frustrating and ugly time in the garden. So many things I want to do, but the ground is still too wet to get into a lot of it. I’m concentrating on the things I can do. Pruning, new structures, etc. Now that it’s in the 50’s and bees are waking I can start removing leaves and dead stuff soon. But the ugliness factor drives me a little crazy. It’s the ugliest time of year in the garden in my opinion and I just want to get it all tidied up. Normally I leave a lot more for winter, but I had to cut back to install the drip. So it is especially ugly this year. Upside, less to clean up this Spring.

And seed starting is well under way. First little babies are going out to the greenhouse to harden off each day. Plenty more to come. This is a very big week of seed starting.

Lots of things starting to bud and leaf out….mock orange, lilacs, currants, hydrangeas and figs, just to name a few. But some things are looking not good. I’m afraid that bad cold snap we had, where temps where down to 0-5 for several days, has done a few things in. Artichokes, thyme, feijoa, ceanothus, are all looking bad. The tree collards were a pretty big loss. I was maybe able to save one, I cut it back aggressively, and we’ll see. The other four were too damaged, so I took them out. But I started a good dozen new starts off of them. I was really sad they were so damaged. They are normally an all winter supply of greens for us.

Also busy making plans for some changes. I’m going to move the hardy kiwis from the south side to the north side, and divide and move the blackberries. They have just expanded too far to make it easy to get down the path, so I will move them up against the fence to get a bit more room back there. Plus, I’m taking out the small fence on that side. It was originally to keep all the doggos out. But it’s not really necessary for Sam as she’s out with me all over the garden anyway. And it doesn’t stop the other three when they visit. They go right over or open the gate. And I’m tired of walking all the way around.

The next six weeks will see a lot of changes and action in the garden. But I can’t wait. Things are waking up and coming alive.

February Garden Plan

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