March in the garden

So much going on in the garden during March. Lots of windy and rainy days, but still productive. Spring is definitely springing…things are coming to life…trees blooming, bees buzzing, bulbs putting on a show. It’s still all new but coming alive again. Only things I’m still waiting on to show signs of life: some figs and the pawpaws, always the last to start. I think everything else made it through our horrible winter. Maybe one gardenia won’t make it. Not sure yet.

Big things…18 new David Austin Roses. So exciting. Plus a new arch and 5 obelisks add some more height. Moved the blackberries, hardy kiwis and the apple trees. Big improvement. Finished all the cleanup. Now to get to editing the front garden. I’ve really neglected it since the first year I put it in. Time for a rehab. The back is really getting where I wanted it. That hard work has paid off, but now I can give the front more attention.

I removed the little black fencing from the back. It’s no longer needed as Sam can open the gate and let herself in to raid the compost or graze on tomatoes. Really opened up the garden and makes it much easier to navigate around. I made the path in the raspberries go all the way through instead of a key hole and I think that will make harvesting easier.

Also took out the old raised bed in the front that was here when we bought the house. Sure wish I’d done it earlier. So happy it’s gone.

Seedlings all coming along nicely. About half living in the greenhouse now, and some already planted out. Lots will get put in the garden this week, then the ones in the basement moved out to the greenhouse.

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