April in the Garden

April was just plain crazy. We had 4 days in the very middle of the month that it snowed an inch or more, one day in that streak it hailed 2″ deep and one day it rained, snowed, sleeted and hailed. We also had 9 other days it just rained all day, and so. much. wind! Plus it’s been quite chilly. This is not a typical Tri-Cities April. That old saying April showers bring may flowers does not normally apply. But it seems to be actually happening this year.

I was really worried about the fruit. All the trees were in bloom or just fruit set when that week of snow and cold temps set in. Every night the weather forecast predicted below freezing temps, but we stayed just right at 33 all week. All the trees did set fruit and it’s looking really good right now for the fruit harvest.

Although I didn’t get as much done as I’d like, I managed to make progress. Moved the little fence from the back to the front. It looks really good. Added one more rose trellis and planted 16 new David Austin Roses. Then moved all the clematises. Also added several more fruit trees. Reworked the raspberry trellis, added tomato and squash trellising to the veg garden. Lots of compost and mulching.

Overall quite pleased with how it’s shaping up. Most veg starts are in, seeds sown, etc. May will be all about the cottage garden. Big changes planned on that front. After the irises bloom, I’ll be moving them all into the garden proper, and moving other things out to the street. I’m tired of people stealing them, and the neighbor’s weed seeds blowing in there. I’ll keep it heavily mulched and see if that can be fixed.

Looking forward to the Irises blooming any day now. The dwarfs have already started.

One sad thing…I lost about 2/3 of the asparagus. I have no idea why. But I’m hearing that it happened to a lot of gardens here this year. So strange. Maybe just too wet and they rotted. I’m so, so sad about that, and not sure what to do.

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