February 2022 Garden Plan

Week 5 10 weeks before last frost date 1/30-2-5/2022

DS/MHT Fava: Broad Windsor
DS/MHT Fava: Frog Island Nation
DS/MHT Arugula
DS/MHT Endive
DS/MHT Lettuce
DS/MHT Mache
DS/MHT Swiss chard
SI Winter Savory
SI Leek: King Richard
SI Kohlrabi Early Purple Vienna (for MHT)
SI Broccoli
SI Cauliflower
SI Cabbage
SI Kale


  • begin garden cleanup, weather permitting
  • add bark on paths as needed
  • check soil temp for sowing peas, etc.
  • fertilize fruit trees in pots: lemon, yuzu, kumquat, papaya
  • lightly prune heading branches on pomegranate
  • cut back passion flower

Week 6 9 weeks before last frost date 2/6-12/2022

DS/MHT Radish
DS if soil is workable peas, spinach, carrot, beet, lettuce


  • continue garden cleanup
  • prune trees
  • prune blueberries, honeyberries and gooseberries
  • prune clematises
  • prune privet hedge
  • prune elderberries

Week 7 8 weeks before last frost date 2/13-19/2022

SI Kale
SI Tomato: Cherokee Purple
SI Tomato: Costoluto Genovese
SI Tomato: Paul Robeson
SI Tomato: Brandywine
SI Tomato: Berkeley Tie Dye Pink
SI Tomato: Black Beauty
SI Tomato: Mortgage Lifter
SI Tomato: Black Krim
SI Tomato: Thornburn’s Terra-Cotta
SI Tomato: Brad’s Atomic Grape
SI Tomato: Black Strawberry
SI Tomato: Prairie Fire
SI Tomato: Barry’s Crazy Cherry
SI Tomato: Black Cherry
SI Tomato: Principe Borghese
SI Tomato: Sweet Million
SI Tomato: Sungold
SI Tomato: Siletz
SI Pepper: Early Jalepeno
SI Pepper: Maule’s Red Hot
SI Pepper: Cayenne
SI Eggplant: Annina
SI Eggplant: Listada
SI Eggplant: Millionaire
SI Broccoli
SI Thyme
SI Parsley
SI Oregeno
SI Lovage
SI Fennel
SI Tomatillo
DS/MHT Clatonia
DS/MHT Raddish
DS/MHT Beets
DS/MHT Endive
DS Arugula
DS/MHT Lettuce
DS Mache
DS/MHT Mibuna Early 30-45 days (BCHS)
DS/MHT Mizuna Early 40 days (BCHS)
DS/MHT Mustard
DS/MHT Prize Choy
DS/MHT Yellow Heart Winter Choy
DS/MHT Swiss chard
DS/MHT Tatsoi


  • prune roses (delay end of month or March because of cold winter)
  • continue garden cleanup

Week 8 7 weeks before last frost date 2/20-26/2002

DS/MHT Kohlrabi
DS if soil is workable peas, spinach, carrot, beet, lettuce


  • remove some straw on strawberries
  • dig horseradish roots